Randstad region is a network in Brussels, which represents the common interests of the provinces of North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland.


The Randstad is one of the most important economic regions in Europe. The region offers a high concentration of economic activity and houses over 8.2 million inhabitants. The Randstad hosts more than one hundred knowledge institutions, including seven universities. As gateway to Europe, the area is connected to three corridors of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T): the Rhine-Alpine, the North Sea-Mediterranean and the North Sea-Baltic. As a result, there are direct connections to the major European metropolitan areas, via among others Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the third-largest airport in Europe and the Port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe.

Randstad Region in Europe

The 'Randstad' is not a single city, it is a dynamic metropolitan region. The performance of the Randstad Region has been compared to the top 20 metropolitan areas in Europe, based on two core concepts: competitiveness and liveability.

Read everything about this comparison in the online brochure: The Randstad Monitor 2017: The Randstad compared to the top 20 European metropolitan areas.